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What can I store?
No live animals may be stored.
Any substance which may cause injury or disease if contacted, ingested or inhaled, or is highly toxic
or combustible MUST be declared and agreed upon PRIOR to storage in any container.
Any foodstuffs or perishable goods must be stored in such a way that they are preserved correctly
and will not cause any foul odour that will cause detriment to other customers.
Cars and Motorbikes may be stored.

What can I use my container for?
The purpose of the container is mainly for domestic and business storage. The container may be
accessed by the tenant at any time of day. Vehicles may be parked outside
the container for loading and unloading purposes.

No trading or business activities are to be carried out without the PRIOR notification to, and consent
of the site owner.

All goods and items are stored at the owners own risk. Orchardbank Self Storage will not be held 
liable for any damage or loss to goods or items suffered on the premises.

Payment Terms
Each container is £80.00 per month, no VAT is currently charged. Any durations less than 1 month
will be charged at £20 per week. Payment may be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque. The site
owner reserves the right to change payment terms at any time but will give a minimum of 7 days
prior written notice before doing so.
Failure of payment may result in the contents of the container being sold to recoup owed monies.

It is the responsibility of the occupier to insure any items stored within a container.

The agreement can be terminated by either party after giving one week’s written notice.